shutterstock_1369874453Should you need to have a decision to put a new floor, you get a wide choice of flooring choices to select from. Why are hardwood flooring so widely suggested? But there are also other reasons in favor of choosing hardwood that you might want to Think about in the decision-making procedure:

1. It is healthy

These days, lots of individuals have allergies to various substances; for that reason, it’s vital to reduce the number of possible allergens in your surroundings to the very least. As far as dust allergies are involved, you want to know that dust does not settle much on hardwood flooring as it will on carpets and other floor materials.

Furthermore, they are quite easy and convenient to wash. That’s why health experts around the world recommend hardwood floors stressing that it is the healthiest option. In fact, it has been observed that individuals suffering from asthma whose homes have hardwood flooring experience fewer attacks than individuals who have carpets.

2. It is added value

A hardwood flooring is likely to make your home look glamorous and stylish, but apart from visual aspects, it is also quite sensible, so it’ll certainly be a perfect match for your house. Even though real property appraisers assert that solid wood floors are rather expensive, they all agree that high quality well-fitted good wood floor will bring a return on investment surpassing the first installation expenses.

Hardwood flooring enjoy increasing popularity, so it’ll be an additional factor bringing buyers to select your premises from a extensive selection of homes available in the marketplace. Therefore, even when you’re not planning to sell your house now, you may be certain that the investment at a hardwood flooring today will probably add value for your property in the future when you choose a decision to sell.

In the end, remember that it will last longer than any carpeting.

3. Easy cleaning and maintenance

Bear in mind that carpeting may look nice, but they require quite frequent vacuuming (and vacuum-cleaners are becoming increasingly sophisticated and costly ), while in the case of hardwood floors, all you need to keep them looking good is to immediately sweep them up and use a mop.

4. Eco-friendliness

Hardwood is sustainable, recyclable and 100% organic. You do not have to use any powerful chemical agents for cleaning (unlike in the case of carpeting ).

It also does not emit any nasty components, which makes it the most environmentally- friendly option among all flooring materials.

5. It makes finer with age

When visiting some condos and castles, you’ll see that hardwood floors are extremely durable if they are properly maintained. A hardwood flooring will look even better with time and is certainly one of the most powerful flooring materials for the residence.

Apart from numerous benefits that we outlined previously, hardwood flooring feels cosier and warmer than other hardwood options.

Not only does this look awesome, but it also guarantees insulation. So when you select a flooring material and weigh up individual options in an effort to revive your flooring, consider hardwood seriously into consideration… not just because it seems fantastic, but also since your care for your family’s health, your comfort, your convenience and also the surroundings.

Have those disagreements convinced you to make yourself an outstanding, healthy and convenient hardwood floor for your house?



Oil-Modified-Poly-FinishThere are a whole lot of factors that go into choosing the right flooring and finish for the project. You might have engineered wood or solid hardwood for instance. If it comes to completed, you might go with a coating finish or penetrating oil finish.

The job will determine which option is best for you. Can it be for high-traffic location? Can it be exposed to excess humidity or other all-natural elements? Can it be set up in the basement? The answers to all these queries will have an effect on what floors you select.

In regards to the end, you have to balance out the way you want the floors to look with how you want the finish to perform. For instance, if the property will be sold soon, then you may not want to get too creative with all the end and also go for a trendy matte style. If you would like the flooring to be exceptional and reflect a personal fashion, then you can certainly do that as well. It will also make a difference if you would like to highlight the timber’s natural beauty or go for something daring.

Why Organic Oil Finishes are Great Options

First off, natural oil finishes delve deeper into the wood when compared to classic wood completed. This means that will have a stronger influence on the wood. Your floor will take on properties of the sum of oil. Since humidity can be immensely detrimental to wood floors, you want to use any benefit you can to fight against it by keeping the end moisturized.


If you’re seeking basic protection to your flooring, then any sort of wood floor finish will Oak-Molto-Brushed-White-Oil3do the job just fine. But, natural oil finishes will increase that functionality to another level. Surface-level finishes remaining surface of the ground, while oils float and penetrate more completely. Surface finishes may also get additional durability, but you may have to add a few coats to get the identical level of protection.

Feel and look

The best finishes do not simply offer some protection along with a color of colour to the ground. The top finishes accentuate the wood and make it appear more beautiful. Oil finishes will bring the basis of the wood, which gives of a nice and natural look that is warm and smooth. You can certainly use different colours and colors, but with oil finishes, the timber itself is the star of the series. The sensation of raw wood on your toes gives a sense of connection with natural without stepping outside your home.


shutterstock_244789111Hardwood flooring requires upkeep, regardless of what finish you utilize. Nevertheless, if you maintain your oil-finished floor correctly you will not need to re-sand. You should regularly clean the flooring using something that’s recommended by the manufacturer to maintain the finish looking lustrous. With the increased security, you will not need to repair your flooring as often, either.


Natural oils are not as volatile, so they do not influence the surroundings as much. They’re a terrific choice for people who are aware about the environment and maintaining things green for future generations. They are also suitable for projects that seek to be LEED certified.

Make certain that you make the right choices for you, right down to what type of finish you need to use.

Have a Healthy New Year with New Wood Floors!


Did you know that more than 10 million British are allergic to dust mites and pet dander? Among the greatest ways to reduce allergens in your home is to replace carpets with hardwood flooring. Carpet fibers trap dust, pet dander, and other allergens and it is virtually impossible to be certain that they are totally allergen-free. Wood floors don’t have any fibers for items to get trapped in. When there is dust, it is easily seen and removed, making them the healthful flooring option.

Reduce Allergens

They live in areas where you will find fibers to conceal in, such as carpeting, mattresses and upholstered furniture. Although their entire life cycle is merely a matter of months, these microscopic creepy-crawlies may cause lots of allergic reactions.

Pet dander- Your pets are a part of your family. Sadly, a lot of people are allergic to fleas from cats and dogs. If your house has carpets, that dander can only get trapped. With wood flooring, you are able to keep off pet dander your floors efficiently.

Pesticides- While you certainly don’t use pesticides in your home, they can nevertheless find their way in on the bottoms of your shoes. All those gross chemicals would only get trapped in carpets.

Cleaning Up

While installing hardwood floors in your home will significantly reduce the odds of shutterstock_758305354lurking allergens, it doesn’t remove the risk. When the gorgeous new flooring is installed, it needs to be maintained. A microfiber dust mop is perfectly fine for ordinary cleaning. Make sure you replace the cleaning pad frequently, to avoid spreading dust and allergens. Your wood floors can be mopped, but do not do so too frequently and try to keep moisture at minimum because moisture may damage the timber. If you have any questions whatsoever about installing new wood floors in 2019, get in touch with the professionals in Sand & Seal now!

Hardwood Flooring Sanding and Maintenance from Sand & Seal

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We have recently completed a gorgeous oak floor made up of 3 board widths 180mm, 220mm, 260mm in rustic oak that was fully secured to the sub floor with seal and bond.

On completion of the laying we sanded the ground to a fine finish and applied 2 coats of Hard wax acrylic….We completed this work in Dorset for the parents of a previous customer from 2 years ago6scaawuahq_1755fafe_ce8f_ca17_57cb_7ea3fcd4b0ca


shutterstock_565347571Wooden flooring came into being centuries ago. Many homes and various structures around the world had hardwood floors in the ancient times. The strength and color of timber is kept for years to come. They are famous for providing a warm feel to the location that they are set up in; using lasting durability. This is quite attractive to a lot of individuals.

Installing a good wood floor in your home will give the place a striking and warm feel. It is not really difficult to clean and maintain wooden flooring. They’re used on a broad scale due to their characteristic of being hardy and robust. Wood flooring provides a very homely feel and feel of permanence at a house. It reflects sophistication and elegance in any room it is installed in.

A lot of people are confused between engineered wood flooring and solid wood floors. The difference between the two of them is very simple to understand. Flooring made of engineered timber are prepared by blending the base of plywood along with the top most layer of wood. And solid hardwood flooring is made from just 1 piece of solid wood like walnut. The quantity of dust from your house is reduced to quite an extent with the use of solid wood flooring.

If you decide to fix a customized wood floor, be certain you have enough knowledge about its care and upkeep.




PINE: Pine is a softwood which grows in most areas of the Northern Hemisphere. There are more than 100 species worldwide.

Properties: Pine is a soft, white or pale yellow wood which is light weight, straight grained and lacks figure.It resists shrinking and swelling. Knotty pine is often used for decorative effect.
Uses: Pine is often used for country or provincial furniture. Pickled, whitened, painted and oil finishes are often used on this wood.

ASH: There are 16 species of ash which grow in the eastern United States. Of these, the white ash is the largest and most commercially important.

Properties: Ash is a hard, heavy, ring porous hardwood. It has a prominent grain that resembles oak, and a white to light brown colour. Ash can be differentiated from hickory (pecan) which it also resembles, by white dots in the darker summer wood which can be seen with the naked eye. Ash burls have a twisted, interwoven figure.
Uses: Ash is widely used for structural frames and steam bent furniture pieces. It is often less expensive than comparable hardwoods.

HICKORY: There are 15 species of hickory in the eastern United States, eight of which are commercially important.

Properties: Hickory is one of the heaviest and hardest woods available. Pecan is a species of hickory sometimes used in furniture. It has a close grain without much figure.
Uses: Wood from the hickory is used for structural parts, especially where strength and thinness are required. Decorative hickory veneers are also commonly used.

How to start sanding?

We can give you a estimate over the phone or email if you have the dimensions, as we work on a rate per sq meter or sq yard the estimate will allow for minor repairs,sanding and finishing with three coats of varnish.If the price quoted seems reasonable, we will then visit your home to look at the floor and discuss your thoughts, concerns and ideas for the project. We will then send you a written estimate or email you an estimate for the work.  If you would like to go ahead we will give you a date on which we will hope to start your room. We do not charge for my estimates or advice.If you have a floor in need of some care and attention, contact us for a no-obligation quote.