Oil-Modified-Poly-FinishThere are a whole lot of factors that go into choosing the right flooring and finish for the project. You might have engineered wood or solid hardwood for instance. If it comes to completed, you might go with a coating finish or penetrating oil finish.

The job will determine which option is best for you. Can it be for high-traffic location? Can it be exposed to excess humidity or other all-natural elements? Can it be set up in the basement? The answers to all these queries will have an effect on what floors you select.

In regards to the end, you have to balance out the way you want the floors to look with how you want the finish to perform. For instance, if the property will be sold soon, then you may not want to get too creative with all the end and also go for a trendy matte style. If you would like the flooring to be exceptional and reflect a personal fashion, then you can certainly do that as well. It will also make a difference if you would like to highlight the timber’s natural beauty or go for something daring.

Why Organic Oil Finishes are Great Options

First off, natural oil finishes delve deeper into the wood when compared to classic wood completed. This means that will have a stronger influence on the wood. Your floor will take on properties of the sum of oil. Since humidity can be immensely detrimental to wood floors, you want to use any benefit you can to fight against it by keeping the end moisturized.


If you’re seeking basic protection to your flooring, then any sort of wood floor finish will Oak-Molto-Brushed-White-Oil3do the job just fine. But, natural oil finishes will increase that functionality to another level. Surface-level finishes remaining surface of the ground, while oils float and penetrate more completely. Surface finishes may also get additional durability, but you may have to add a few coats to get the identical level of protection.

Feel and look

The best finishes do not simply offer some protection along with a color of colour to the ground. The top finishes accentuate the wood and make it appear more beautiful. Oil finishes will bring the basis of the wood, which gives of a nice and natural look that is warm and smooth. You can certainly use different colours and colors, but with oil finishes, the timber itself is the star of the series. The sensation of raw wood on your toes gives a sense of connection with natural without stepping outside your home.


shutterstock_244789111Hardwood flooring requires upkeep, regardless of what finish you utilize. Nevertheless, if you maintain your oil-finished floor correctly you will not need to re-sand. You should regularly clean the flooring using something that’s recommended by the manufacturer to maintain the finish looking lustrous. With the increased security, you will not need to repair your flooring as often, either.


Natural oils are not as volatile, so they do not influence the surroundings as much. They’re a terrific choice for people who are aware about the environment and maintaining things green for future generations. They are also suitable for projects that seek to be LEED certified.

Make certain that you make the right choices for you, right down to what type of finish you need to use.

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